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Okay so I’m looking at old Norse names for my SCA persona, and I’m thinking I like Sigrdrífa. The trouble is, I can’t find much at all on the origin/mythology of the name. I know she was a valkyrie, that’s all. Anyone got more? I’d appreciate any help…

My go-to for name stuff is the Academy of St. Gabriel. They have…

A list of links related to Scandinavian Names, including A Simple Guide to Creating Old Norse Names.

It appears that Sigrdrifa is more a title than a name itself.

According to Wikipedia:

The name Sigrdrífa means “victory-urger” or “inciter to victory”,[2][3]) and is in an epithet of the valkyrie Brynhildr. It occurs in Fafnismal (stanza 44), and the prose following stanza 4 of the Sigrdrifumal glosses it as the valkyrie’s name. Early editors of the text have followed this lead and given the title of Sigrdrifumal to this section of the Codex Regius text.[4]

In the ASG, I have found these variants of Sigrdrifa:

* Sigri/{dh}r

In this list, {dh} represents the letter "edh", pronounced like the
<th> in <this> [...] [Link]

Sigridis in a list of Sweedish female names from the 14th century [here].

  Sigri, Sigrid, in a document from 1583, from Norbotten, the northernmost Swedish province: [Link]

A longer discussion of Sigri/{dh}r: [Link]

I hope these help!

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