Do you know of any good sources off the top of your head for 12th to 14th century Spain/Iberian peninsula? I’m new to SCA and thought it would be fun to do something new to me but have had trouble with the research. /:

Since you’re new, I’m going to start with garb. For me, garb is the stepping stone into more detailed research, such as names, or even other handcrafts or music.

The only reference I have handy is from my own research into 13th century Spanish clothing. Spain is really a melting pot of cultures at this point, with Muslims, Christians, and Jews living in relative peace and harmony.

I’ve been researching 13th Century Spanish Christian garb (because the various cultures wore different stuff), and you can see what I have collected here: [link]

Alfonso X’s book of games is a great place to start for this kind of research because it depicts both genders and various cultures. You can view it here: [link]

Does that help? Was there something more specific you were wanting to look into? Let me know! 😀

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