Magna Faire Musings

Tang Dynasty Selfie!
Tang Dynasty Selfie!

I’m home, rested, and decompressed from Magna Faire this weekend, so I thought I’d take a moment and write down a few thoughts.

  1. People in Meridies are amazingly warm and welcoming. I was able to put so many faces to names this weekend, and I met many many new people whose names I hope I can remember. I’m not sure if it is a southern thing, a Meridian thing, or both – it was truly awesome.
  2. It is SO MUCH FUN to geek out with people about stuff. And I love finding the common ground between various regions/cultures/time periods that allows for that.
  3. I entered the Western Han Dynasty silk shoes project I have been working on over the last month (has it really only been a month?) in the Stella Nova novice arts and sciences competition  and recieved some great feedback. I need to tweak some things in my documentation, change my fabrics around, figure out a better way to stiffen fabric instead of using buckram, and investigate the prospects of weaving the sole so I can do the weirdly cool twisty thing it does.
  4. I need to step up my Feast Gear game. Like whoa, self. You need a better tablecloth (read: an actual tablecloth), and just… better. Also candle holders + candles because those are neat.
  5. Dip pens are a thing I need to just bite the bullet and do. I think what has given me issues in the past has been the fact that the dip pens I have had access too haven’t been really great. I’ve reached out for advice and help, and I am eager to get started learning and stepping up my game in that way.

You know when you get that feeling when you meet new people and see their work and you’re just in awe, and then you take a step back and breathe and can only say to yourself, “Wow, Self. You really need to step it up because damn.” You just get SO INSPIRED by the talent and abilities of others that you just want to keep pushing yourself to do more. To do better.

Stagnation is death. Never be comfortable. Keep climbing. Keep pushing. Do the thing.


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3 thoughts on “Magna Faire Musings”

  1. Are you the scareferencedesk librarian on tumblr? Because if so, damn, I missed meeting you! (if not, please ignore how strange this sounds 😉 ) And if you’re in Meridies longer, let me know! We have a super good scribal community and I look forward to seeing more of what you do.

  2. It’s A Meridian Thang. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll feed you into submission.

    Hopefully i will see you at Spring Coronation.


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