Glass Beads in 12th Century Italy

Hello! I’m trying to find images or descriptions of glass beads that might have been in Verona, Italy, in 1117ish. Looking to make a site token but my research into extant examples has been weak. Any resources you could find would be greatly appreciated!


I reached out to the folks on the SCA Arts and Sciences Facebook group with some help with this one. I didn’t get a ton of resources there, but there are plenty of other people who are also interested in this topic. So you’re in good company – and in my experience, that means you have an awesome opportunity to learn together and from each other.

The Venetian Bead Story, Part 1: History [Plates]The Margaretologist, The Journal for the Center of Bead Research
Volume 11, Number 2, Issue 26 (1998)

The Venetian Bead Story, Part 2: The Beads [Plates]The Margaretologist, The Journal for the Center of Bead Research
Volume 12, Number 1, Issue 27 (1999)

This publication has a bunch of articles on the history of beads, which seem, at a cursory glance, to have extensive bibliographies.

Dominique Bussolin On The Glass-Bead Industry Of Murano And Venice (1847)
Karlis Karklins
BEADS: The Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers
Vol. 2 (1990)

This is another publication that you could probably find lots of good information about various aspects of period beads.

Glass bead-making from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century
[Abebooks], since it is a government publication from Canada, doesn’t seem widely available for ILL or purchase
K.E. Kidd, Parks Canada
History and archaeology series, #30
ISBN: 0660104458

Analysis of early medieval glass beads – Glass in the transition period
Ziga Smit, Timotej Knific, David Jezersek, Jana Istenic
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Volume 278, 1 May 2012, pages 8-14

Compositional Categories of Ancient Glass
E. V. Sayre, R. W. Smith
Science, 9 June 1961, Volume 133, Issue 3467, pp. 1824-1826

Hey, I was wondering if you could recommend resources on Chinese textiles? I’m making both Song and Ming dynasty outfits and I want to make sure the brocade we want is accurate, but I can’t seem to find anything on the patterns.

Oh boy, DO I.

Chinese textile designs, by Hanyu Gao
WorldCat (find it in a library near you!)

When silk was gold : Central Asian and Chinese textiles, by  James C Y Watt et al
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Corpus of Chinese Fabric, Embroidery and Finery: Dying & Weaving
Corpus of Chinese Fabric, Embroidery and Finery: Embroidery
Published by 

Tianjin People’s Fine Arts Publishing House
Library of Congress (all volumes)

Treasures in silk : an illustrated history of Chinese textiles, by 

Feng Zhao

Chinese textiles, by 
Yueh-Siang Chang
Victoria and Albert Museum


History of textile technology of ancient China, by 

Weiji Cheng

Exquisite fabrics : traditional weaving and embroidery patterns in China, by Chunming Gao

Chinese Silks, by Dieter Kuhn, et al.

Additionally, please join us over at SCA China on Facebook. We’re great at sharing resources.Happy hunting! <3

Hello, do you have any references for 1250-1350 Irish Garb? I have trouble getting through the English propaganda and later romanticism. Thanks.

Without knowing gender, I’ll keep this pretty vague.

I’ve also got a request out to the Facebook Group, SCA Garb, for more resources. They can be really helpful folk.

Clothing culture, 1350-1650
Author:Catherine Richardson
Publisher:Aldershot, Hampshire, England ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, ©2004.
Series:History of retailing and consumption.
Summary:From Russia to Rome, Ireland to France, this volume contains a wealth of examples of the numerous ways clothing was shaped by, and helped to shape, medieval and early modern European society.

Dress in Ireland
Author:Mairead Dunlevy
Publisher:New York : Holmes & Meier, 1989.

Encyclopedia of dress and textiles in the British Isles c. 450-1450
Author:Gale R Owen-Crocker; Elizabeth Coatsworth; Maria Hayward
Publisher:Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2012.

Sources for Irish Re-enactors, from the Reconstructing History blog – includes a bibliography

Good luck, and have fun!

Chinese Onomastics

What are the go to documentation sources for Chinese names?


One thing to consider when doing research regarding China in an SCA context is that you’re one of a relatively small number.

I wasn’t able to find any traditional “books” for Chinese onomastics (fancy word for first names), but I did find some relevant resources.

Introduction to Pre-16th Century Chinese Onomastics
by Ii Katsumori
SCA Heraldry Website [Link]

The Onomastics of Medieval South China: Patterned Naming in the Lang-Yeh and T’ai-Yüan Wang
by Dennis Grafflin
Journal of the American Oriental Society [JSTOR Link]

What IS a Name? Reflections on Onomastics
by William Bright, University of Colorado 
Language and Linguistics [Link]

What’s in an early Chinese name, again? [In German]by Wolfgang Behr [Link]

Hope this helps!

Hello there! Could you perhaps refer to me any other sca or renfaire tumblrs similar to yours? Sorry if you already have a page for this but i’m on mobile atm.


Detail from Leiden University Library, 1610, by Jan Cornelis Woudanus [Link]

Goodness! That’s tough… How about some people/organizations that I follow and adore? Will that work?

(If someone knows about a tumblr similar to mine, please let me know! Because that is awesome. 😀 )


If I missed a nifty one, reblog and let me know!

I am looking for something *like* a period or late period family tree….except it would be for a household or an order. I have been looking for things like “Armorial Trees” but I can’t really figure out what they would be called or where to even begin documenting them. Any ideas?


(MS Lat. misc. e. 86, f. 37v-38r, Bodelian Lbrary, Treatise on heraldry, also known as “Ashmole Tract.”)

I would look at royal lineages or “Trees of Jesse.” If you’re more interested in showcasing someone’s arms, then search “roll of arms.”

Here’s an early 14th century “Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England”: [Link]

Here’s a chronicle with some genealogies from the last part of the 15th century: [Link]

Here’s an early 15th century manuscript with some genealogical trees: [Link]

This 12th century manuscript has a “tree of consanguinity” (blood relations): [Link]

I’d also encourage you to search the Bodleian library for “genealogy” or “roll of arms.”

This might work too – this is from the British Library’s Stowe 594 (c. 1430-1440), f. 7v-8r. It shows Edward III and Henry, Duke of Lancaster, of the Order of the Garter. They are wearing their own arms on a surcoat, plus the mantle of the order, and they are standing next to the arms of their successors in their Garter stalls (I’m not sure what that means, but there you go): [Link]