“Tracing is Period”

A couple of months ago, I threw myself (is there any other way?) into researching period tracing techniques for Western Europe. We talk about how “tracing is period” but generally, the conversation stops there. This was a fun little rabbit hole for me, and someday I’ll trek back down it and try to make my own tracing paper. Though I doubt my husband will be a fan of me spreading fish glue on granite until it is thick enough to make paper…

You can see my handout here: Tracing is Period: A Discussion of Techniques used to Reproduce Art in Medieval Europe

I decided to post today because 1), new handout, and 2) I’m TRACING!

Working on f. 10v of The Second Bible of Charles the Bald, 871-877.
Working on f. 10v of The Second Bible of Charles the Bald, 871-877.

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Things That Aren’t Scribal – The SCA Reference Desk

Mundanely, I’m a librarian.

That sounds really weird, because I feel like I’m a librarian no matter what I’m doing. It’s just part of who I am, you know? I just do it. At work, yeah. But in restaurants, cars, random conversations at home. Someone says something. I look stuff up. I share said stuff. It’s just me.

I’m like a bending robot, only my bending is librarianship.

In order to do librarian-stuff for the SCA that extends beyond helping friends who ask me stuff, I created a tumblr: SCAReferenceDesk.

There’s some scribally stuff there, but there’s also a fair bit of heraldry and other random topics. I post things I find (like free ebooks and other cool sources) but I also answer questions.

On the Scribal Desk