This is just a place for me to put various finished documentation for SCA projects and handouts for classes I have taught. Feel free to use and share, so long as you give me credit.



A Roman Woman's Medicamentum1.4 MiB1946
Banbi (半臂, băn-bī)6.8 MiB278
Castle Panel Construction135.1 KiB432
Chinese Cosmetics in the Tang Dynasty1.5 MiB13723
Da Xiu Shan, or "Large-Sleeved Gown"2.1 MiB2218
Hobby Horses - The Tourney Horse2.2 MiB708
Northshield Battle Elephants5.4 MiB716
On The Other Foot: A Second Attempt at Recreating Western Han Dynasty Silk Shoes5.6 MiB139
Finding the Golden Slippers: Recreating Western Han Dynasty Silk Shoes2.6 MiB1359


Basic Blazons for Scribes1.6 MiB799
Clothing Of The Tang Dynasty - Handout646.3 KiB2867
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Tang Ladies Fashion for your Summer SCA Needs - Handout8.2 MiB890
Personalizing With Portraiture849.5 KiB426
Tang Textile Treatments505.5 KiB101
Tang Dynasty Games296.3 KiB188
Tracing is Period697.6 KiB868
Types of Hobby Horses - Handout2.3 MiB929

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