My Current ILL Queue

The Artifice of Beauty: a History and Practical Guide to Perfumes and Cosmetics
by Sally Pointer
Stroud: Sutton, 2005

The Essence of Beauty: a History of Perfume and Cosmetics
by Aytoun Ellis
New York: Macmillan, 1960

The Artificial Face: A History of Cosmetics
Fenja Gunn
Newton Abbot, David and Charles, 1973

History of Beauty
by Umberto Eco and Alastair McEwen
New York: Rizzoli, 2004

Beauty and Cosmetics, 1550-1950
by Sarah Jane Downing
Oxford: Shire, 2012

The Trotula: an English translation of the medieval compendium of women’s medicine.
by M. H. Green
Philadelphia: University if Pennsylvania Press, 2002

The Finishing Touch: Cosmetics Through the Ages
by Julian Walker
London: The British Library, 2014

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