Late Period Cossacks

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Greetings! I’m doing research into 15-16th century Cossacks for use in the SCA, do you have any reference recommendations to turn me towards, especially any involving garb? Thank you!

Wikipedia makes a point to mention that by the mid-15th century, Cossacks in historical records have either Russian or Ukrainian names, so would their garb be very different from other Russian garb? (I don’t know. It’s a research question!)


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WorldCat is a database of library records, and since the organization behind it (Online Computer Library Center, or OCLC) is where the majority of libraries (at least in the US) get the majority of their records from. It also helps facilitate Inter-library loan, which is why you can see what libraries near you have a particular item.

But because it’s also where libraries copy records from for their own catalogs, it has SUBJECT HEADINGS. These are links in the records that pull up every other item that also has that heading.

Like, Cossacks – History. [Link]


Dress the Part: Clothing Styles of Medieval Russia [Link]This is a website for an academic course, so check out the reference list!

All Things Russian: Scadian Webligography [Link]

Sofya la Rus: 13th-14th Century Medieval Russian Life
No mention of Cossacks, but still potentially useful: [Link]

Tzarvik – SCA Blog, Cossack Persona [Link]

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