Do you have any resources on building early period Norse helms starting with a premade helm top?


I don’t have any, but I reached out to some armorer-friends, and they suggested the following:

There is an SCA Armor Facebook group [Link] which you may find helpful.

A lot depends on what you’re starting with and what tools/skills you have.

Some armorers also make kits – pre-cut pieces that you assemble and fit [Example].

Hope that helps get you started. <3


What type of helm should I look for as a 14th century English fighter or 12ty century Norman for heavy fighting?


I had to reach out to some martial types for this answer.

Master Sir Edwin AtteBridge says, “Twelfth century, the famous “norman” conical helm with nasal that we’re all officially wearing in the SCA. 14th century generally bascinet, although kettle hat is also appropriate (but less popular because of SCA handicaps). Inbetween, slowly-evovling “barrel” or “bucket” helms. Basically they took the norman design, started adding a faceplate and covering more of the head, simplifying the construction while they were at it, and when they were done realized that the pointed top they had started with was a better design and went back to an improved version of it. The 13th century is full of dead ends like that.”

Norman Conical Helm

Wikipedia entry: [link] –

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“Spotlight: The 14th Century Bascinet”
by Alexi Goranov [link]

Wikipedia entry: [link] – be sure to look at the Notes and External Links


Image from the Wallace Collection: [link]Visored bascinet
Unknown Artist / Maker
Milan, Italyc. 1390 – c. 1410
Low-carbon steel, air-cooled, copper alloy and leather
Height: 26 cm
Width: 37.4 cm, beak to back of skull
Weight: 2.005 kg, without visor
Weight: 0.82 kg, visor
Weight: 1.24 kg, aventail
Label: Royal Archaeological Society label marked 25 in ink
A69European Armoury I