I am looking for something *like* a period or late period family tree….except it would be for a household or an order. I have been looking for things like “Armorial Trees” but I can’t really figure out what they would be called or where to even begin documenting them. Any ideas?


(MS Lat. misc. e. 86, f. 37v-38r, Bodelian Lbrary, Treatise on heraldry, also known as “Ashmole Tract.”)

I would look at royal lineages or “Trees of Jesse.” If you’re more interested in showcasing someone’s arms, then search “roll of arms.”

Here’s an early 14th century “Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England”: [Link]

Here’s a chronicle with some genealogies from the last part of the 15th century: [Link]

Here’s an early 15th century manuscript with some genealogical trees: [Link]

This 12th century manuscript has a “tree of consanguinity” (blood relations): [Link]

I’d also encourage you to search the Bodleian library for “genealogy” or “roll of arms.”

This might work too – this is from the British Library’s Stowe 594 (c. 1430-1440), f. 7v-8r. It shows Edward III and Henry, Duke of Lancaster, of the Order of the Garter. They are wearing their own arms on a surcoat, plus the mantle of the order, and they are standing next to the arms of their successors in their Garter stalls (I’m not sure what that means, but there you go): [Link]

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