Creative depictions of consorts from the Babenberg Family Tree, a triptych created by Hans Part between 1489 and 1492. See more images here.

I selected a couple of my favourites to see if I could identify them. Some were easy but others posed more of a challenge! Here was what discovered about this small selection:

Image #1: Constantia of Austria

Born 1212 – Died 1243

Margravine consort of Meissen


Image #2: Agnes of Germany

Born 1072/3 – Died 1143

Duchess consort of Swabia and Margravine consort of Austria


Image #3: Uncertain

Described as Mechthild (Matilda), wife of Ernst of Austria. However, Ernst’s two wives were called Adelaide and Swanhilde.


Image #4: Helbirga Babenberg
Born ? – Died 1142
Duchess consort of Bohemia.

Image #5: Judith of Babenberg
Born c.1120 – Died after 1168

Marchioness of Montferrat


Image #6: Wives of Henry II

a) Gertrude of Süpplingenburg

Born 1115 – Died 1143 
Margravine consort of Austria and Tuscany and Duchess consort of Saxony and Bavaria.

b) Theodora Komnene

Born ? – Died 1148
Duchess consort of Austria