This is just a place for me to put various finished documentation for SCA projects and handouts for classes I have taught. Feel free to use and share, so long as you give me credit.



On The Other Foot: A Second Attempt at Recreating Western Han Dynasty Silk Shoes5.6 MiB173
Banbi (半臂, băn-bī)6.8 MiB305
Castle Panel Construction135.1 KiB439
Hobby Horses - The Tourney Horse2.2 MiB720
Northshield Battle Elephants5.4 MiB728
Finding the Golden Slippers: Recreating Western Han Dynasty Silk Shoes2.6 MiB1390
A Roman Woman's Medicamentum1.4 MiB1994
Da Xiu Shan, or "Large-Sleeved Gown"2.1 MiB2291
Chinese Cosmetics in the Tang Dynasty1.5 MiB14471


Tang Textile Treatments505.5 KiB107
Tang Dynasty Games296.3 KiB201
Personalizing With Portraiture849.5 KiB436
Basic Blazons for Scribes1.6 MiB817
Tracing is Period697.6 KiB888
Types of Hobby Horses - Handout2.3 MiB960
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Tang Ladies Fashion for your Summer SCA Needs - Handout8.2 MiB961
Clothing Of The Tang Dynasty - Handout646.3 KiB2874

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