Mistress Kudrun Pilegrim’s Laurel Scroll

This summer, my favorite collaboration partner and I worked together on Mistress Kudrun Pilegrim’s Laurel scroll for her elevation at the 7th Known World Cooks and Bards Collegium in Jararvellir. It’s based on the Murthly Hours (c. 1280, Paris), f. 87r, 67v, and 43v.

Kat is responsible for the text and calligraphy, and I did the layout and illumination. The video shows it MOST of the way done – it didn’t get finished-finished until we were on site.

More about the text after the break. It’s really cool text!

The text on the “big” scroll is not the full poem that Kat wrote (based on “The Owl and the Nightingale”). She was presented with a small piece that had the full poem on it as well as some minimal illumination in the same style. She also translated it. She’s crazy like that. Anyway – here’s the modern English version:

Dawn broke o’er cliffs in Northshield fair

to find two creatures chatting there

For Siegfried, King, and Elizabeth, Queen,

Asked “what does being a Laurel mean?”

The griffin to the falcon said,

“I think Laurels should be well-read,

and books and stories often find.

Be rich of soul, and stout of mind!”

The falcon cried, “of course they should!

And also teach for common good!

Their knowledge spread throughout the land,

be generous with heart and hand.”

The griffin grinned, and said, “that’s true,

and espouse these qualities too:

Justice, honor, faith, courtesy,

courage, and generosity.”

The pair agreed on all these things,

And so they told the queen and king,

“Kudrun Pilegrim, it’s been alluded,

this lady soon shall be included

in the Order of the Laurel.

For skills researchical and choral.

By our thought and estimation,

She is worthy of elevation.”

dread sovereigns smiled, their thoughts confirmed

by griffin just and clever bird.

They said to Kudrun, “it is clear

by all accounts, you are a peer.

Acknowledged as a Laurel now,

we set this wreath upon your brow,

This moment forth, ’til end of days,

You’ll guide, and serve, and light the way.

So closeth the tale, it is done

Though Kudrun’s story’s just begun.

A compass for our people, she

will be a light for all to see.

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