Coming up with my SCA persona


So I’m working on figuring out my SCA name and have narrowed it down. I’m definitely using Anne as my first name, but I’m having a harder time pinning down a byname/surname. I’m going to be mainly playing Norman Conquest through the Anarchies England, so am thinking of using a French name.

I’ve got 3 names that I really like:

Beaumont (I like the way it sounds)
D’arcy (Yes, I’m a giant Jane Austen P&P nerd.)
LeRoux (I’m usually a redhead so I kinda want to incorporate that into my persona)

But decisions, decisions, decisions.

Beaumont: 1292 Census of Paris [Link]

D’arcy (de Arcy, Darcy): 12/13th Century England/France [Link]

LeRoux: Couldn’t locate a St. Gabriel or SCA Heralds article, but it looks like it has been registered before as a 15/16th century name.

So the good news is that all of these should be documentable. Search through OSCAR to see what documentation others (who got the name passed) used.

I like LeRoux, honestly. 😀

Mistress Kudrun Pilegrim’s Laurel Scroll

This summer, my favorite collaboration partner and I worked together on Mistress Kudrun Pilegrim’s Laurel scroll for her elevation at the 7th Known World Cooks and Bards Collegium in Jararvellir. It’s based on the Murthly Hours (c. 1280, Paris), f. 87r, 67v, and 43v.

Kat is responsible for the text and calligraphy, and I did the layout and illumination. The video shows it MOST of the way done – it didn’t get finished-finished until we were on site.

More about the text after the break. It’s really cool text!

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